major causes of hair loss

The major causes of hair loss in black women is due stress, underlying heat Condition, over styling, poor diet and most especially tight braids like Ghana weaving and the likes.


Though some certain type of hair loss are genetic, and very little can be done to prevent them. Sometimes it can be as a result of stress and poor diet. Low level on vitamin D and abnormal thyroid hormones can all affect the health of your hair. To prevent your hair from further damage

  • Ask your hairstylist to create looser braids or dreadlocks

  • Don’t leave your braids on for too long
  • If you wear a weave extension be sure to take it out after maximum 8 weeks
  • Treat dyed or relaxed hair with treatments and avoid chemical treatments completely


Chemical relaxers are damaging to the hair and scalp. if you wear your hair relaxed, it is important that you don’t overuse this chemical straightener. wait at least 8 weeks before retouching; if possible, you can stretch this time out longer.

  • allow your scalp breathe between hairstyles; weaves as well as other “”tight” hairstyles that put a lot of stress on the scalp. for example, if you wear a weave for one month, give your scalp one month to rest before getting another weave or tight hairstyle
  • wear wigs properly ; wigs are good options because they allow you to have any hairstyle instantly however it is important that you wear the wig the right way because wearing your wig improperly can cause breakage and affect hair growth. make sure you wear the tight size wig and additionally, try to minimize the use of glue that can block the pores. wash your wigs properly and never wear a wig overnight
  • Go natural; The best way to protect your hair is to wear your hair naturally. no chemical straighteners and no dyes

  • Use a wide hair band made of fabric to hold your hair back
  • Brush your hair with a wide tooth comb.
  • Apply oils and massage scalp regularly




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