9 tips for choosing the best product for your hair

1. It’s more than texture:

its good to know your hair type because it will provide you with a good starting point for the best care practices and what type of product are likely to be best suited your hair.

2.Know your porosity:

“hair porosity” measures how your hair absorbs and retain moisture. So if your looking to keep moisture in your hair, it’s super important to know this. Find out the porosity of your hair now.

3.Your hair’s health:

hair that is damaged will need different needs from healthy hair. Hair that is damaged may also be porous, making products rich in protein more ideal whereas on the other end of the end, protein products may make healthy hair stiff and dry.

4.Understanding the proper usage of products:

often oils are mistaken for moisturizers. Water and water based products are moisturizers. Oils are used in sealing in moisture and preventing moisture loss. While some stylers are moisturizing, some are specifically for styling.



5.Get what is necessary:

every hair needs a shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, and a sealant( oil or butter). Styling products are optional depending on how you prefer to wear your hair



6.Consider the styles you like to wear:

if you love to wear braided extensions styles often then including a light moisturizing spray product in your regimen will be a good fit. If you prefer set styles like roller sets a styling product like a setting foam is a must to have. Wash and go’s require a good gel that will define your curls and give you hold.

7.Pay attention to the first 5 ingredients of a product:

a product may sound good at first because it may emphasize on the packaging that the product is filled with nutrients but if those ingredients are not listed within the first 5 ingredient list, it may not give you the result you are expecting

8.Choose product that works with the climate you live in:

if you live in a region where you have seasonal change you will need to change your products depending on the weather. Some products ingredients are good to use at certain times than others.

9.Price ( you don’t have to go broke):

you don’t necessarily have to buy what you cannot afford continuously. There are other products out there that can give you what you want, so you don’t have to put all your money into that product.


In line with our tips to add to your beauty, we are proposing a few of our best products to you below:



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