5 myths that have been false the whole time

We’ve heard them all, strange but said to be true hair care myths to make our hair longer, thicker and shinier. truth is some of those hair myths can actually cause harm to your hair. in this article lets debunk 5 such hair myths.

1: trimming or cutting hair makes it grow faster:

We’ve all been told at some point that regular trim makes your hair grow faster. trimming your hair definitely makes it look thicker and healthier since you’re cutting off thin-looking and damaged split ends, but trimming does not increase the rate of hair growth.

 2: stress causes gray hairs:

The color of your hair is determined by a pigment called melanin. hair only turns gray once the melanin has almost completely depleted. however stress can actually cause your hair to shed at about three times faster than normal but cannot turn your hair gray.

3: frequent shampooing damages your hair:

How often you cleanse your hair is entirely up to you and is dependent upon your hair type, hairstyle, and lifestyle. what can however damage your hair is by not washing your hair frequently, at least every couple of days as infrequent washing can lead to a buildup of dead cells, product residue, oil, and bacteria-all in which can cause inflammation (a.k.a the serious damage)

4: if you pluck out one gray hair, two more would grow in it’s place:

We’re not even sure where this one came from but it’s totally false. plucking one or two gray hairs won’t lead to more gray hairs (remember gray hairs are determined by genetics and aging). however it’s not advisable to pluck out your gray hairs it may lead to thinning which could prevent hair regrowth at that spot in the future.

5: it’s better to air-dry your hair than to blow-dry it:

This one is actually both true and false. it’s recommended that you spare your strands from a daily blast of hot air, according to recent study, blow-drying causes more damage to the hair surface, but air-drying actually causes more damage within the hair strands themselves, which may be worse.

When your hair is exposed to water for a long time, it swells up and put pressure on the proteins that keep your hair intact, potentially causing more damage than heat styling. the best thing to do is to use the lowest heat setting on your dryer making sure to move the dryer continuously, so you don’t concentrate heat on one spot for too long.


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