5 minutes gorgeous hairstyles

So, for those mornings that I don’t have a lot of time to play with but still want my hair to look fabulous, I have compiled some collections of styles that really won’t take more than five quick minutes, I’m sure everyone of you would be able to relate.


This is just like packing the hair to the back like a ponytail but for this hairstyle, we’d pack it to the front center of the head, using just a fabric or lace ( please do not use a rubber band to pack up your hair as it tangles up the hair strand and cut it when you want to take it out).  After packing you can use edge control to smoothen out the edges and you’re good to go.


Like the name implies we’d just have to comb the hair in the sense that they drop down to your face, you can put a side pattern to add more style to it. If you have natural hair (virgin hair) you’d want to start combing from the edges out to the center of the head to give you that afro look. This hairstyle is very simple and chic.


To get this hairstyle we’d make sure to part our hair into two equal parts (from the center of the head straight down) and then pack it up. This hairstyle never gets old as it tends to bring out the cuteness in every woman. After packing up the hair you can use your edge smoothen to out the edges.


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